The Convarz unique phone number verification service helps you to minimize the risk of TCPA lawsuits. It reduces the probability of sending SMS messages to the wrong person, and allows for the ability to manage consent.

Our platform incorporates complex business logic and uses highly accurate data to verify the phone type and identity, making it easier to stay in compliance with the TCPA. The cloud-based APIs and portal service provide a single point of access and integration with your existing enterprise messaging application.

Verify Phone Numbers

  • Reduce spam and fraud by acquiring a trust score for the phone number
  • Verify the changes in the ownership of the phone number and avoid sending SMS messages to the wrong person
  • Per message real-time or batch query and maintain the phone number list
  • Delivery window – based on the time zone and geo located (8am – 9pm local time)
Verify Phone Type

  • Prepaid or postpaid type service
  • Determine if a number is a wireless or wireline
Verify “Do Not Contact”

  • Do not contact status – determine if the phone number is in the “Do Not Call List” (DNCL)
  • With consent – if a person is on the “Do Not Call List” and we have consent, message is sent
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