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Convarz provides a complete portfolio of messaging and location services for enterprises, developers and mobile operators, enabling better connectivity for application-to-person, person-to-person conversational messaging, and geo-messaging services.
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Our Convarz cloud messaging platform allows rapid integration of Short Message Service (SMS), email, Paging, and Social Messaging into your innovative applications. Our services allows instantly engage with customers, increase revenues, and reduce churn.

Convarz Cloud Messaging Platform


Intelligent Alerts

Paging Alerts
One-way/Two-way paying to SMS alerts used for data center alerts, dispatch, maintenance, electrical, security alerts

SMS Reminders
Customer portal for appointments, reminders, & message management

Critical Communication

  • TAP paging to SMS alerts
  • API & for Developers & Enterprise
  • Opt-in/Opt-out contact management
  • Alerts for Mass Notification

Trusted Messaging

Verification Services
Verify the phone numbers before sending messages. Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) applies for SMS used for marketing

Authentication Service
Authentication of user in addition to SMS one-time password, user context/ location provides deeper levels of trust

Secured Text Messaging
Mobile application with end-to end encrypted messaging used by health care providers and financial institutions

Trusted Messaging

  • Ensue verification
  • Trusted messaging service
  • High reliable message delivery
  • Flexible message management

Consumer Engagement

Social Messaging
Integration with the OTT social messaging platforms

SMS Chat
An effective customer service tool for two-way communication

Deeper, smarter and more personalized customer interactions

Better Customer Service

  • Multi channel SMS /IP chat
  • API’s for Developers & Enterprise
  • Customer service management
  • Cost effective than contact center

Use Cases:

The Convarz messaging platform is used by well-known enterprises across verticals such as: Healthcare, Automotive, Government, Utilities, Industrial Internet of Things, Education, Travel & Hospitality, Mobile Advertisers (AdTech) and others. Although the mobile landscape is ever-changing, SMS remains the most reliable and effective way we communicate today. Recent studies indicate that 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of delivery and have a 98% open rate, compared to a 20% open rate for email messages. Ensure that your organization is leveraging the power of SMS.

Help your customers stay on top of their health by sending prescription and medication reminders and important updates regarding the care you provide. Ensure that faculty and staff are receiving alerts and updates regarding scheduling changes and patient information.
Companies are adapting to a world of online shopping and an increased demand for alerts and frequent updates. Our services can ensure that delivery schedule changes, alerts and notifications reach your customers in a timely manner.
Utilize our chat service or send secure alerts and updates to your customer base through the Convarz platform. Provide your customers with the service they expect in today’s market.
Our customers use our platform to provide real-time alerts related to location of vehicles, maintenance, live information regarding traffic status, emergency alerts and remote vehicle access.
The real estate market is ever changing, and up-to-date information is critical to keep up with demand and requests from clients and property managers. Our solution ensures that messages and updates are delivered in a timely manner.
The bond between establishment and customer is crucial in this competitive market. Build customer loyalty by delivering real-time coupons, daily specials and special offers, by creating your message on the spot with the help of our online portal. Easily send notifications with the click of a button.
Our government partners use our wireless notification service for mission-critical real-time emergency notifications, alerts and updates.
Expand your communication between schools, students, and parents about events, updates and alerts on campus. Create targeted groups for class-specific communication and streamline your current workflow to ensure that all updates reach students, faculty and staff.
Lower your costs and save time. Our multi-channel platform ensures that your mission-critical alerts, monitoring and status reporting is effectively communicated across all channels. We additionally support conversion of your traditional paging into SMS minimizing system changes.
Customer retention and loyalty is tough. Expand your marketing campaigns from ads and emails and leverage the power of text messaging. Send out targeted campaigns and reward your loyal customers, and help attract new ones.
Remind your customers about upcoming appointments, updates and alerts.
Tailor your campaign to the group of your choice or customize our templates to send promotions, and other marketing campaigns.
Reduce risk of fraud by utilizing our SMS based two-factor authentication service. Utilize our phone number to owner to consent linkage solution to minimize TCPA related lawsuits.
The Convarz cloud messaging platform empowers developers to build innovative applications to communicate globally. With easy-to-use APIs for SMS messaging, phone number verification, and authentication services, developers get a single point of access for all their software application development needs.
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